Our Approach

330 AM Technologies is a full-service Small, Minority-owned IT business operating primarily in the Maryland, Virginia, D.C. area.  Our certified consultants have the experience, training, expertise, and knowledge to support our clients at all levels.  We have experience at every level of the IT infrastructure that will allow us to develop full-service solutions that scale with growth and also offer room for modification as needs arise. Our clients come first and our solutions help to improve efficiency, reduce waste and streamline usage of Information Technology.  We take pride in delivering the most innovative efficiently deployed solutions.

We strive to be an industry leader as well as a respected innovator and thought factory.  We utilize a unique perspective that drives our team to provide transformative support through technology implementations which continuously drives development and improvement.   We design, deploy and manage bleeding edge technology using secure and predictable models in order to create an environment our clients feel safe working within while continuously improving efficiency.

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